Published Stories & Awards

“A Toy for Zubin” Phobica Books Terrors from the Toy Box horror anthology 2023

Montgomery” Microcosms 199 winner, Microcosms 2023

“Bob the PeopleTron 3000” Wicked Shadow Press Invasion sci-fi anthology 2023

“Farewell to Thee, Precious Balls” Not Quite Write Prize Longlist (and honorable mention!), 2023

“A Down-on-his-luck Prospector, Diviner, and Sometime Preacher”

Globe Soup 2023 Genre-Smash, Alternate History/Fantasy Finalist

“Free Seminar: Make Money Investing in Real Estate!” Horror/Comedy, The Other Stories Podcast, 2024

“The Work” Splatter-Horror (Graphic) Flash, House of Carnage, 2024